Tweet Content Package
Tweet Content Package
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Tweet Content Package

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Need quality copy for your Twitter account? Not only is our team experienced in writing copy for key SEO website placement, but we know how to craft clever copy. We'll analyze your brand, website, and historical tweets and craft 25 copy based tweets for your brand usage on your Twitter platform.

This package does not post to your twitter account - you will receive a pdf document of pre-composed tweets specific to your brand, product launch, or specific keyword you give us.

Deliverables25 Copy Based Tweets specific to your brand or product

About our process - here's what to expect after you purchase.

We function as your virtual chief marketin officer - and the whole lot that comes with that - without you having to hire or manage full-time staff. We're here to help you reach your business goals and market your business without marketing, SEO, and e-commerce having to take over your own brain space. 

After you purchase a booking, you will receive a link to our schedule app to select a time within the next two weeks that works for you to meet with our team. If you have just purchased a singular consult session, you will receive a link to our schedule app for your desired time. If you have purchased one of our packages for services, you will receive an initial consult booking time-slot, in addition to two hour time slots [one every two weeks of your monthly service package]. 

You will also receive our Intake Form and Questionnaire and in addition to the requested documents, you can submit any additional documents, charts, or products that you would like us to review prior to your call. Your Intake Form and Questionnaire set will be different depending on which package you book.