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Co Founder and CEO of Smoke Cartel. I formerly acted as COO until the company became public in 2017 and I became the first female chair & CEO of a publicly traded cannabis company. I also serve as a consultant and mentor for other emerging companies in the headshop and glass industry.



I am dedicated to serving my community through action. My passion for medical reform and social justice led me to co-found Reform Georgia,  a non profit made of locals and activists organizing and working for the reform of local drug laws and prison reform in the state of Georgia.

Philosophy on the Future


 I believe that the future of successful business lies on the skills of the individual employee to reach their full potential as a team. A grit & growth mindset is critical to team success. Remember - if you are not investing into your team, your team is investing in something else. [hint: it's not their work!]

Available Presentations

Business Development


Learn how to identify new business opportunities - new markets, partnerships, and ways to reach existing markets. Learn how securing and managing relationships outside of the company can help achieve your goals.

Blitz Growth


Aquire the information you need to design and build your business model for lightning-fast growth, explore strategies for hiring and managing at each stage at the company’s growth cycle, and how to tackle the challenges that will arise from the breakneck growth of your organization all while keeping your company culture.

Team Development


Create a mind space of growth within your organization. Introduce a new idea generation (no longer a “top-down” style of leadership, but a collaborative, learning environment, where we all push each other to better ourselves and our surroundings). Look around you and discover the strong support system waiting to be developed, and all the paths you can take to further your career and yourself.


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Savannah's Small Business Chamber

Check out a clip from my Savannah Small Business Chamber speech  focused on Blitz Growth and maintaining your company's culture! For more information on the Small Business chamber, please visit their website www.smallbusinesschamber.org

Investor Update Video

Darby Cox is the CEO of Smoke Cartel, Inc., a leading online retailer for glass water pipes, vaporizers, and other related accessories for the cannabis industry. Smoke Cartel became a public company in July 2017 and is traded on the OTC markets under the ticker SMKC.

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Darby Cox, Business Speaker